About us



Inside Out is Australia’s largest producer of fresh non-dairy milk. Fed up with existing lazy offerings – highly processed, with poor nutrition and laden with additives – we were determined to create healthy fresh alternatives for customers right around the country. Finally, a set of products like it should be, that will leave you feeling refreshed… Inside and Out!

Inside Out was founded on making a difference to wellbeing through conscious nutrition. Co-founder Vuong had developed a passion for exercise and nutrition from a young age, and one that led him on a journey to study Nutrition and Dietetics at university. But Vuong wasn’t content to wait until he finished his studies to help others live a healthier life.


Enter childhood best friend Anthony Tuong, a former professional tennis prodigy and law student (now graduate). Together, they spent a summer of fun and laughter refining and selling fresh juices and smoothies at the Bondi and Beaches’ Farmers’ Markets, where their fresh and healthy almond milk quickly became a big hit. Soon after, the dynamic duo were joined by Ed Arthy, a commerce and law graduate and all-round nerd.

In the time since, they have remained committed to producing only high quality, natural and healthy products despite the challenges that rapid growth have thrown at them. They are now thrilled to be able to share their goodies through over 800 outlets across Australia, and are continually inspired by the reactions of their customers to learn, refine and innovate.